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Mark S. Robertson


Hello  My name is Mark Robertson .

I  left Houston Texas for Paris France in September 1983 with a tourist visa and a contract as a fashion model…I managed to survive in that experience for 10 years allowing me to live in France, experience the French culture and language and finance my studies in the fields of Bio-energetics, T.M.C. ( Acupuncture), and various approaches of personal development during my first  years in France.

For the last 25 years I have practiced acupuncture, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing, EFT (since 2003), in individual and group sessions and have co-animated energy training workshops with my wife Renée in our own approach, “H.E.A.T. Holistic energy Alignment Tool” (energy protocols for transmutation, alignment and  cellular deprogramming).

I presented “Drum Circle Tapping” in the Fourth Annual Energy Conference in 2011.

Since then I have continued my research, learning from one on one sessions with my Clients and by teaching Facilitators of what has now become…


It has also been influenced by my EFT Master Practitioners Training and EmoTrance
Trainings with the AMT in 2012.

We then attended the  10th annual Emotrance Conference in April 2012, where I presented my “Energy Drum Circle Experience” we also participated in the EmoTrance Practitioner Training and Trainers Training and passed my Master Practitioner Training with Silvia Hartmann in 2013 .

20 years ago I built my first personal Shaman drum and found a way to build it so that it corresponded to the vibration of my (form, or the volume of space taken up by my physical body, that is to say my height divided by the number of sides of the Drum, which was 8, so 1m86 divided by 8 = 23.25cm for each side.
This gave me a powerful  energetic resonance with my new healing instrument and the energy is still flowing between us, those that I facilitate healing for and “Wankan Tanka”… the (great mystery)….

The sound and feeling of this Drum was very therapeutic and since then I have built assisted adults and children, in creating and waking up the voice of many consecrated personal Shaman Drums using this formula to personalize each drum.

The next step was the obvious integration the powerful rhythms of Shamanic Drumming  with EFT to facilitate alignment, stimulate vital energy, and the deprogramming of negative ancestral memories within the DNA in individual and workshop sessions.

I now call this approach Shamanic EFT Drum Circles as the circle is a very secure and even sacred space for deprogramming the mind of outdated destructive emotional patterns and transmuting energies in the energy bodies.

Shamanic EFT combines the ancestral knowledge of rhythms, and modern neuroscience to create a very coherent energy within the group and in individual sessions because the shamanic rhythms facilitate deep connection with the energy mind, intuition, and actually activates dormant zones within the brain.

We begin and finish the sessions by opening up a medicine wheel or Energy vortex, to raise the vibratory rate to facilitate access to feeling the emotions instead of mentally imagining.

In 2016, for my 60th birthday present, I’ve become a certified “Sono-therapist” or sound healer, after completing the training of Emmanuel Comte Founder of the Med-Son Research Center in Canada.
I have always had a deep connection with music and the healing power of sounds in the Sono-therapy sessions we share a profound nonverbal communication that can create a space for the great mystery of divine energy for surprising results.
In those moments of grace when we are bathed in sound the participants and I manage to  step back and witness something greater at work as we quite our minds and feel the vibrations connections new potentials.

Feel free to inquire about Individual and group sessions on Skype or with webinar groups.

We live in Normandy near the Monet museum in Giverney 80k West of Paris and our Home is set up for residential workshops etc…

It is also possible to animate group therapy or training sessions anywhere in the world with a minimum 12 participants provided the logistics are organized for me.
You may contact me with the contact form on this page.

Blessings of Love and Light through Sound.

 Mark at The AMT Energy Conference November 2011  Sunset DRUM